Virtual Education

Braids, Brides, + Beach Vibes  

When: July 25th Time: 3PM EST Location: IG LIVE Educator: Sarah

Naturally beautiful, boho beachy do’s is how we are feeling! Keep it simple with our quick easy updo’s using the most versatile tool… braids, braids, and more braids. Set yourself up for a successful wedding season with these up-styling techniques. Join us for styling inspiration and product tips to achieve those trendy boho styles.


Razor Effects

When: August 22nd Time: 2PM EST Location: IG LIVE Educator: Kristin Confer

Need to sharpen your Razor skills? Join our MOP Cutting Expert Kristin Confer as he shares his razoring product tips and tricks for layered techniques that blend and work to create texture and movement, but also remove or build weight by utilizing these simple razor effects.


Fringe Benefits

When: September 26th Time 2PM EST Location: IG LIVE Educator: Kristin Confer

Join our Mop Expert Kristen Confer, as he shows us how to change face shapes and immediately update styles. Learn his tips and trick that deliver instant gratification through these show stopping fringe trends.