MOP at Miami Swim Week 2022

It’s Miami Swim Week and mop® hair care - Modern Original Products for Modern Original People - was a proud sponsor of the 5thAnnual Wonder Woman Initiative. The Wonder Woman Initiative highlights survivors of domestic violence, trauma, and honors women who have overcome adversities, and are lending their talents and services to help their communities. The organization has recognized 50+ women over the years and thanks to their events, has raised funds to help the underserved communities in the City of Miami, Haiti and Nigeria.


"Metanoia: The Crowned Mind" was the theme for this year’s Swim Week runway shows and event. This one-of-a-kind immersive experience brought together the swim/resort/athleisure fashion and wellness communities, as well as influencers, media, and VIP guests on the rooftop oasis for an experience like no other. Founded by Tayo Ishola, a Miami-based social entrepreneur and fashion designer of the Eido Swimwear brand, the overarching vision of the initiative is to empower others to see the beauty and power within themselves.


 This show was hosted by Karmel Bortoleti, Brazilian Model, Actress and Philanthropist, who has graced the covers of Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, among others, and uses her influence for positive change. Honorees included Victoria Vesce, a Sports Illustrated Swim Finalist who is also a brain tumor survivor; Gloria Ward, business strategist and author; Christine Handy, international speaker, model, and breast cancer survivor and author; and Renee “Stichiz” Casseus a philanthropist and iHeart Radio host. The featured swimwear designers included Tayo Ishola of Eido Swimwear, Jennifer Nicole Lee of VIP Queen Collection, Judith Gaffney of Culture Trees, Maranatha Novembre of Allure Novembre, Gina Marie Xocal of Xocal Biquini, and Jnaba Diallo of Dieo.


The event’s message and purpose are very much aligned with mop’s mission and part of the brand’s ongoing charitable and community initiatives. Mop recognizes that everyone wants to be a part of something greater than themselves and the brand’s goal is to create a culture where all people can express themselves freely, embracing their individuality without being judged, condemned, or criticized. Mop believes in inclusivity, never exclusivity, love not hate, and being unapologetically you, which is exactly what each model showcased on the runway.