Be YOU-NIQUE with MOP Haircare

When it comes to hair, there’s no one-size-fits-all product. Just like you, your hair is unique, and so should your hair products! mop® (Modern Original Products for Modern Original People) is the hair care range designed to be inclusive to all hair types, so whether your hair is curly, straight, fine, thick, dry, oily or anywhere in between, mop® has got you covered.

Curly haired girls can embrace and accentuate their coily, kinky or wavy hair with mop® c-curl defining cream (5 fl. oz. / $22.00). C-curl contains powerful antioxidants and extracts to hydrate, strengthen damaged hair, and boost the power of your already beautiful curls. This unique curl-enhancing cream provides smooth definition while protecting against frizz. If your curls are color-treated, this curl cream helps keep them fresh and vibrant!

Fine hair can be difficult to style, and hot styling tools can cause damage to already vulnerable thin strands. Ramp up the volume of thin hair and give hair thermal protection with mop® lemongrass lift (8.45 fl. oz. / $22.00). Lemongrass, ginkgo biloba, and hydrolyzed wheat protein in lemongrass lift work together to create incredible volume and lift at the root without the consequences of heat styling.  

 mop® embraces individuality and creates products to help represent diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity for all people and all hair!